House dust mites are microscope bugs that primarily live on dead skin cells regularly shed from both humans and animals. These skin cells are often concentrated in mattresses, frequently used furniture, and carpet.  A typical mattress can contain tens of thousands of dust mites.  Many people are allergic to dust mites and their droppings. 

Vapor steam-cleaning kills fungus, dust mites, bacteria, and other pathogens, and is an excellent way to clean bedding that can't be washed, such as mattresses. Vapor contains only 5 to 6 percent water, so the vapor steam doesn't contribute to a moist environment. Vapor steam deeply penetrates whatever it is cleaning, and it is great for upholstery, couches, carpets, and mattresses.

If your mattress is over six months old, then your mattress is contaminated with dust mites and other contaminates and should be sanitized.  The older the mattress, the heavier the infestation, if it has not been previously sanitized.  Mattresses can become very unhealthy if not cleaned or sanitized.  We recommend having your mattress sanitized at least once a year or every six months if you're allergic to dust mites.

With our commercial dry vapor steamer, we can kill dust mites, fleas, and thier eggs without the use of any chemicals or residue.  Just think, a quick vapor steam of your bedding, along with a thorough vacuuming, and dust mites are gone!
What we have found is that bed bugs do not like live steam. (Ultra Violet Ligh doe not have any effect on bed bugs). Our dry vapor steam system kills bed bugs instantly along with their eggs. Its penetrating 300 degree dry steam goes deep into mattresses, furniture, nooks and cranny’s where they hide. Our non chemica dusting application leaves a residual effect in case any are missed. This application is totally safe; in fact it is so safe the product can even be eaten by humans and pets. Actually it is used to keep dry dog food, dry. As safe as it is to humans and pets it is deadly to bed bugs and other bugs, like ants, silver fish, spiders, etc.
More and more people, particularly the young have become sensitive to allergens. In other words, allergies are on the increase and the bed is one of the most common origins of these allergens along with carpets.

You see, all beds and all carpets are home to millions and millions of dust mites, which are tiny creatures, invisible to the naked eye, that feed on flakes of dead human and animal skin that we all cast off every day. These mites defecate and die and rot, both of which can be an irritation causing itchy skin, coughing and red eyes.
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